17 November 2014

My Last 5 Beauty Purchases

Now that I've officially finished my first year of uni, as well as exams (yay), I have waaay more time to get this blog up and running! One post which I thought would be somewhat interesting would be to do a haul and review of my five last beauty purchases! I may be the only one.. but hearing and snooping about people's last couple of beauty purchases is something I usually love to hear about from my friends - so hopefully someone finds this interesting!

Australis Lipliner in 'Tickled Pink'

Australis is definitely one of my favourite cosmetic brands. Based in Australia, all their products are under $20 and usually of pretty good quality - this lipliner being no exception! Having never bought a non-red lip liner, I decided to purchase one for an upcoming event I had and was pleasantly surprised! The pay off is really good and the colour is right up my alley!

Nyx Butter Lip gloss in 'Creme Brulee'

Australis 'Tickled Pink' with Nyx 'Creme Brulee' on top
Aaand in addition to the above lip liner, I bought this lip gloss to go with it! To me, the pair is a combo which I'm definitely going to be wearing for the next month. These butter lip glosses are already popular amongst the beauty community and I can attest to their greatness! The smell, the colour, the lasting power and the price are all A++++ from me.

Nyx Wonder Pencil in 'White'

Usually for my own eye make up I rarely go without eyeliner on top and bottom, but recently I've been trying to just stick to the top liner. So when I saw some pictures online of this product I knew it would definitely persuade me to go without bottom liner more often. Upon using it a few times I've found it to be less pigmented then I thought it would be (anyone else found this?). However, I do enjoy the nude fleshy tone which comes out from it and the lasting power is alright, but I think maybe a twisty eyeliner or perhaps Rimmel scandeleyes eyeliner would be better option for the waterline - any recommendations out there?

Palmer's Purifying Enzyme Mask

 I've found with this product - and most masks, that less is more and just a light layer on top of the skin is far more efficient and quick. I usually leave it on for around 20 to 30 minutes and afterwards my skin is SooOOOOOoOOOoo soft! Most clay masks I've come across have been somewhat pricey, so when I stumbled upon this in Priceline I was really excited! As it is a clay mask, I wouldn't recommend using it more than once a week as it is stronger against the skin the usual mask.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate & Cherry Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm

Cherry. Ripe. Seriously. Every time I smell this I just crave Cherry Ripe! Some may find the smell a bit too cherry-artifically-smelling but if you can stand it, the red tint that it gives your lips is a winner for me. I usually put it on when I'm out and I've forgotten to put anything on my lips, it's definitely more hydrating then many other lip balms I own (e.g. the Nivea chapsticks) and gives a nice light sheer of red on top the lips.

PS. In ref to the selfie on the side, gaH! I always find it SUPER difficult to post selfies online, but I know I probably can't put a photo with a friend or anything haha.. ANywho the picture is from a ball I recently went to, I was thinking of maybe doing a make up & outfit post?? 


  1. you've sold me on the australis lipliner - priceline is calling! xx

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