5 February 2014

Gift Goodies

For any lover of beauty, it's a well known fact among their friends and family that they are a "make up connoisseur" of sorts and therefore come Christmas or birthday time is it not too uncommon to find much desired cosmetics making its way into stockings and hideous wrapping paper. For me, having a birthday reasonably close to Christmas has meant (fortunately) receiving products which I have been pining over, but have never been able to justify the price. 

Last Christmas (after several 'subtle' hints) I received the beautifully crafted Stila "In the Light" Palette from my older sister, words cannot describe the satisfaction I felt at my first swatches of the palette, particularly the much loved colour "Kitten".

For my birthday I also received an item which has been raved, reviewed and written about in the beauty world to death - yet still remains an iconic staple in many make up bags. That is, the Nars blush in Orgasm. My screams of excitement and repeating of the word 'orgasm!' was probably not met by the same delight by the waitress staff as the friends who gave it to me, but nevertheless the idea of owning such an iconic blush had me in a sense of euphoria for the rest of my birthday dinner. I think my friend who I often borrowed the blush off (after I recommended it) was also experiencing the same sense of satisfaction that I would no longer by scavenging off her for blush.

It's interesting to question whether such happiness at owning such products would be felt better - or worse, had I bought them myself. Would I be annoyed at spending such a hideous price (Orgasm is $45 in Australia and the Stila palette is $62 at Mecca Cosmetica) for such a magnificent item, or would I rejoice in the fact that I had worked hard to provide myself with such a luxurious product?

How about you? Do you wait till times of celebration to receive expensive products which you stalk tentaviely in the beauty world, or do you bite the bud and take the plunge to buy the product? 


P.S Leave me a comment if you'd like me to review either of the above products! I'd be very happy to do so! 


  1. I have wanted the In The Light palette for the longest time. It looks so beautiful! I actually prefer beauty products for myself, I think my family are a little fed up of buying me makeup so tend to want to get me other things for birthdays/Christmas :)

    Lovely post x


    1. If you ever have the chance, buy it! The colours are absolutely gorgeous and I definitely get more use out it than my Naked 1 palette :) haha i can see that happening to me very soon! and thank you

  2. The Light palette is so beautiful. I do love getting nice beauty things for presents but I also appreciate things I've bought myself - I think a combination is nice :) xoxo
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    1. That it is!! Yeah, a mix is always good xx