11 February 2014

Empties #1

The time comes every few months were we accumulate all our empty bottles and reminisce about the hits (and the misses) of our beauty regimens in the past few months. This time I've managed to accumulate 3 body washes - as I have a horrible habit of opening new body washes and giving them a try before I've even gone through half of what I've already opened. I apologise in advance for the number of "IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!" in this post, because let's face it.. who isn't a sucker for pretty smelling things? (Sorry for the length of the post! I tried to cut down where possible!)

Soap & Glory 'Clean On Me' Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel ($12.95 at Kit Cosmetics)
Since the arrival of Soap & Glory at Kit Cosmetics I've been a fan of many of many of their products, they're usually reasonably priced and all smell so damn good.. I bought this shower gel on the recommendation of Zoella and other YTers last year and it lasted me a good few months. The bottle notes that it has a 'natural mandarin peel extract', which you can certainly smell in the gel as it gave it an extra freshness to the scent. The gel left my skin feeling fresh, moisturised and smelling good! The bottle also claims that the gel has 'built in body lotion' something which I appreciated, but someone who does have more dry skin may still need to. I would definitely repurchase this product!

Clinique 'Clarifying Lotion Clarifiante 2' Dry Combination ($52)
The first thing I noticed about this product is that it has a VERY strong alcoholic scent, which made me worried that it would be too harsh and drying on my skin. However, after several uses of the product I found more dirt was visibly coming off on my cotton pad and my skin feeling more fresh (and not dry) after use. The product claims to be a 'non-drying exfoliator' which 'uncovers skin that's vibrant, glowing', while it did tend to tighten my pores, I didn't really see too much action in terms of an exfoliator. While the product is expensive, the size of the bottle (400mL) means that it will last for a long time. I'm not sure if I would repurchase this toner, I guess I'll have to see how my skins goes without it!

The Body Shop 'Cranberry Joy' Shower Gel
As a part of TBS Christmas sets, this shower gel also came with a body butter (WHICH SMELLS AMAZING) and I can't explain the smell of this gel without thinking of Christmas, because that's what it smells like. The gel also reminds me of Raspberry Drops (the ones you can get from the lollie store at Sovereign Hill - anybody?), but even now as I write this post I can't help but pause to open the bottle and smell it, thank god i still have the body butter left! As with all TBS shower gels, this gel lathered up wonderfully and left my skin smelling and feeling great. I feel a repurchase of this coming on for Christmas 2014!! Has anybody else tried any of the TBS Christmas sets? 

Dove 'Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser' [DISCONTINUED]
I bought this cleanser on a whim a few months ago when it was on special at Coles for around $6 and upon googling it recently, have found out that Dove has discontinued this product! Although I probably wouldn't repurchase this cleanser anyway. While the cleanser was  gentle on my skin and didn't appear to irritate my skin, I found the beads in the cleanser to be too small to exfoliate my skin at all. 

Lush 'Ponche' Shower Gel ($7.95 for 100g) 
What initially drew me to this shower gel was the unique 'shot of tequila' in it (inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch) and after smelling it I was sold! The bottle says that the gel contains 'freshly squeezed orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, a good shot of tequila', which makes the fragrance very light and tangy with an evident punch from the tequila. It's nothing like I've used before but I absolutely love its scent! It may not be for everyone because of the tanginess, but it's worth a whiff if you're ever at Lush! The gel lathers really well on the skin and the scent manages to stay on your skin well after you have left the shower. It didn't irritate my skin at all and on the packaging it even says its like 'your own little party in the shower' - which does ring some truth. I would repurchase this shower gel.

Have any of these products made their way into your favourites or empties?



  1. I love all LUSH products especially the Ponche shower gel it smells so good! I love anything that smells sweet so this was perfect and Snow Fairy is my favourite also :P x

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    1. Ooh i must try snow fairy then! xx

  2. I NEED to try Clean on me!!! Have you ever tried the Sugar Crush scent one? That one is my fav from soap & gory. x


    1. I've tried the body scrub before which smells like heaven on earth :)


  3. Surprised the Soap & Glory shower gel isn't too expensive - will need to check it out and smell it next time I'm at Kit! I quite like Ponche though it was the description of the tequila that initially put me off - thankfully I can't really detect it at all :p

  4. I'm currently using the S&G shower gel, it's taking me forever to get through! x

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  5. I love empties posts! The S&G shower gel is one of my favorites, I think they have just released a new one too!

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