17 November 2014

My Last 5 Beauty Purchases

Now that I've officially finished my first year of uni, as well as exams (yay), I have waaay more time to get this blog up and running! One post which I thought would be somewhat interesting would be to do a haul and review of my five last beauty purchases! I may be the only one.. but hearing and snooping about people's last couple of beauty purchases is something I usually love to hear about from my friends - so hopefully someone finds this interesting!

Australis Lipliner in 'Tickled Pink'

Australis is definitely one of my favourite cosmetic brands. Based in Australia, all their products are under $20 and usually of pretty good quality - this lipliner being no exception! Having never bought a non-red lip liner, I decided to purchase one for an upcoming event I had and was pleasantly surprised! The pay off is really good and the colour is right up my alley!

Nyx Butter Lip gloss in 'Creme Brulee'

Australis 'Tickled Pink' with Nyx 'Creme Brulee' on top
Aaand in addition to the above lip liner, I bought this lip gloss to go with it! To me, the pair is a combo which I'm definitely going to be wearing for the next month. These butter lip glosses are already popular amongst the beauty community and I can attest to their greatness! The smell, the colour, the lasting power and the price are all A++++ from me.

Nyx Wonder Pencil in 'White'

Usually for my own eye make up I rarely go without eyeliner on top and bottom, but recently I've been trying to just stick to the top liner. So when I saw some pictures online of this product I knew it would definitely persuade me to go without bottom liner more often. Upon using it a few times I've found it to be less pigmented then I thought it would be (anyone else found this?). However, I do enjoy the nude fleshy tone which comes out from it and the lasting power is alright, but I think maybe a twisty eyeliner or perhaps Rimmel scandeleyes eyeliner would be better option for the waterline - any recommendations out there?

Palmer's Purifying Enzyme Mask

 I've found with this product - and most masks, that less is more and just a light layer on top of the skin is far more efficient and quick. I usually leave it on for around 20 to 30 minutes and afterwards my skin is SooOOOOOoOOOoo soft! Most clay masks I've come across have been somewhat pricey, so when I stumbled upon this in Priceline I was really excited! As it is a clay mask, I wouldn't recommend using it more than once a week as it is stronger against the skin the usual mask.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Dark Chocolate & Cherry Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm

Cherry. Ripe. Seriously. Every time I smell this I just crave Cherry Ripe! Some may find the smell a bit too cherry-artifically-smelling but if you can stand it, the red tint that it gives your lips is a winner for me. I usually put it on when I'm out and I've forgotten to put anything on my lips, it's definitely more hydrating then many other lip balms I own (e.g. the Nivea chapsticks) and gives a nice light sheer of red on top the lips.

PS. In ref to the selfie on the side, gaH! I always find it SUPER difficult to post selfies online, but I know I probably can't put a photo with a friend or anything haha.. ANywho the picture is from a ball I recently went to, I was thinking of maybe doing a make up & outfit post?? 

18 October 2014

I'm shit

It's been officially over 8 months since my last post.. I don't really have a good reason other then Uni, friends and.. work? I know I only have 3 other posts on this blog and that anyone who has read my posts are probably gone, I think i just kind of gave up on being committed to blogging, but now with my first year of uni pretty much over I'm definitely wanting to try and turn this into something great! Sooooo what has happened in the past 8 months?

I've pretty much almost finished my first year of uni, handed in my last assignment yesterday (thank god) and just have exams to go - to which i am very very unprepared

Anyone else out there just finishing their first year of uni? What are your thoughts coming to the end of your first (anyone else call it jaffy?) year? Has it been the best time of your life? For me.. I don't know, while I've enjoyed the freedom and everything, I kind of miss just the ease of being at a place where you know everyone and there's no need to text everyone on your phone list during breaks 'R U FREE?!?' but hey that could just be me

and my make up life? I've accumulated MUCH (probably unneeded) more make up over the last 8 months, with plenty to blog about!

Also I just want to say.. how on point is this?!

11 February 2014

Empties #1

The time comes every few months were we accumulate all our empty bottles and reminisce about the hits (and the misses) of our beauty regimens in the past few months. This time I've managed to accumulate 3 body washes - as I have a horrible habit of opening new body washes and giving them a try before I've even gone through half of what I've already opened. I apologise in advance for the number of "IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!" in this post, because let's face it.. who isn't a sucker for pretty smelling things? (Sorry for the length of the post! I tried to cut down where possible!)

Soap & Glory 'Clean On Me' Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel ($12.95 at Kit Cosmetics)
Since the arrival of Soap & Glory at Kit Cosmetics I've been a fan of many of many of their products, they're usually reasonably priced and all smell so damn good.. I bought this shower gel on the recommendation of Zoella and other YTers last year and it lasted me a good few months. The bottle notes that it has a 'natural mandarin peel extract', which you can certainly smell in the gel as it gave it an extra freshness to the scent. The gel left my skin feeling fresh, moisturised and smelling good! The bottle also claims that the gel has 'built in body lotion' something which I appreciated, but someone who does have more dry skin may still need to. I would definitely repurchase this product!

Clinique 'Clarifying Lotion Clarifiante 2' Dry Combination ($52)
The first thing I noticed about this product is that it has a VERY strong alcoholic scent, which made me worried that it would be too harsh and drying on my skin. However, after several uses of the product I found more dirt was visibly coming off on my cotton pad and my skin feeling more fresh (and not dry) after use. The product claims to be a 'non-drying exfoliator' which 'uncovers skin that's vibrant, glowing', while it did tend to tighten my pores, I didn't really see too much action in terms of an exfoliator. While the product is expensive, the size of the bottle (400mL) means that it will last for a long time. I'm not sure if I would repurchase this toner, I guess I'll have to see how my skins goes without it!

The Body Shop 'Cranberry Joy' Shower Gel
As a part of TBS Christmas sets, this shower gel also came with a body butter (WHICH SMELLS AMAZING) and I can't explain the smell of this gel without thinking of Christmas, because that's what it smells like. The gel also reminds me of Raspberry Drops (the ones you can get from the lollie store at Sovereign Hill - anybody?), but even now as I write this post I can't help but pause to open the bottle and smell it, thank god i still have the body butter left! As with all TBS shower gels, this gel lathered up wonderfully and left my skin smelling and feeling great. I feel a repurchase of this coming on for Christmas 2014!! Has anybody else tried any of the TBS Christmas sets? 

Dove 'Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser' [DISCONTINUED]
I bought this cleanser on a whim a few months ago when it was on special at Coles for around $6 and upon googling it recently, have found out that Dove has discontinued this product! Although I probably wouldn't repurchase this cleanser anyway. While the cleanser was  gentle on my skin and didn't appear to irritate my skin, I found the beads in the cleanser to be too small to exfoliate my skin at all. 

Lush 'Ponche' Shower Gel ($7.95 for 100g) 
What initially drew me to this shower gel was the unique 'shot of tequila' in it (inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch) and after smelling it I was sold! The bottle says that the gel contains 'freshly squeezed orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, a good shot of tequila', which makes the fragrance very light and tangy with an evident punch from the tequila. It's nothing like I've used before but I absolutely love its scent! It may not be for everyone because of the tanginess, but it's worth a whiff if you're ever at Lush! The gel lathers really well on the skin and the scent manages to stay on your skin well after you have left the shower. It didn't irritate my skin at all and on the packaging it even says its like 'your own little party in the shower' - which does ring some truth. I would repurchase this shower gel.

Have any of these products made their way into your favourites or empties?


7 February 2014

NYX in Australia - Soft Matte Lip Cream Review w/ Swatches

The recent release of NYX in Australia via Target has been met by much excitement by those in the Australian beauty world. Finally! Another much loved international brand has made its way onto Aussie shores - while not at the same fraction of the price as it is sold in the US, products still range between $8.95 and $21.95, similar to Australis with all their products being marketed as under $20.

I remember my first visit to a NYX counter came about a month or two after it had landed in Australia as I was waiting to go - and spend, after I had finished all my final year exams. Who knows, maybe my anticipated visit was what kept me going.

A product which I had always been interested in was the NYX 'Soft Matte Lip Cream' ($12.95) and upon seeing the range of colours, immediately picked out four which I found myself most drawn to.

Top - Bottom: San Paulo, Antwerp, Stockholm, Istanbul


What I really love about these lip creams is that you can easily build up the colour to a really opaque colour, or leave it as just a simple tint on the lips, I tend to apply them with a lighter hand and then darken them up if need be. They have a doe-foot applicator and easily apply on the lips like a cream, with a strong lasting-power of about 3-5 hours, (darker shades lasting a bit longer). The packaging is light-weight, making them very make up bag appropriate.

 There is a wide range of colours in the collection too, I'm definitely keen to try out the red colour (Monte Carlo)! I also love the cute idea of naming each of them by a city. My favourite at the moment would have to be 'Antwerp', which is a really pretty pinky-peach colour that is a perfect match with the Australian summer.

While I agree with that these lip creams can be rather drying on the lips, I've found applying a strong lip balm before applying my make up (I use the Nivea Lip Butter) and dabbing it off before i apply the lip cream is the best way to go.  

Another thing I really enjoy about these lip creams is that they can be used to go over a lipstick to mattify the look of the lipstick, I often use the colour "Stockholm' over Rimmel's 'Undressed' to complete the lipstick. The lip creams also have a strong sweet vanilla scent, something I don't mind but could deter others.

If you're a fan of matte lip products, or keen to test one out, this is definitely an affordable product to try!


Since my first NYX purchase I've returned and picked up a couple of other goodies - some of which will be reviewed at a later date ;) I still have my eye on plenty of NYX products - such as the Jumbo lip pencil in 'Honey' and the eyeshadow palette in 'Caviar', but alas these purchases will have to come at a later date.

I and many others can only hope that the arrival of NYX in Australia will bring other internationally-loved drug store brands such as Sleek, MUA and Elf.


5 February 2014

Gift Goodies

For any lover of beauty, it's a well known fact among their friends and family that they are a "make up connoisseur" of sorts and therefore come Christmas or birthday time is it not too uncommon to find much desired cosmetics making its way into stockings and hideous wrapping paper. For me, having a birthday reasonably close to Christmas has meant (fortunately) receiving products which I have been pining over, but have never been able to justify the price. 

Last Christmas (after several 'subtle' hints) I received the beautifully crafted Stila "In the Light" Palette from my older sister, words cannot describe the satisfaction I felt at my first swatches of the palette, particularly the much loved colour "Kitten".

For my birthday I also received an item which has been raved, reviewed and written about in the beauty world to death - yet still remains an iconic staple in many make up bags. That is, the Nars blush in Orgasm. My screams of excitement and repeating of the word 'orgasm!' was probably not met by the same delight by the waitress staff as the friends who gave it to me, but nevertheless the idea of owning such an iconic blush had me in a sense of euphoria for the rest of my birthday dinner. I think my friend who I often borrowed the blush off (after I recommended it) was also experiencing the same sense of satisfaction that I would no longer by scavenging off her for blush.

It's interesting to question whether such happiness at owning such products would be felt better - or worse, had I bought them myself. Would I be annoyed at spending such a hideous price (Orgasm is $45 in Australia and the Stila palette is $62 at Mecca Cosmetica) for such a magnificent item, or would I rejoice in the fact that I had worked hard to provide myself with such a luxurious product?

How about you? Do you wait till times of celebration to receive expensive products which you stalk tentaviely in the beauty world, or do you bite the bud and take the plunge to buy the product? 


P.S Leave me a comment if you'd like me to review either of the above products! I'd be very happy to do so! 

4 February 2014

Well Hey There

Welcome to my blog! Yes another beauty-obsessed and cosmetic-loving freak has joined the blogosphere... My constant make-up talk with my friends has annoyed them to the point where I think its appropriate to turn my never-ending opinions to the internet world, where my thoughts and reviews will (hopefully) be slightly more appreciated!

Interested? Read more about me here

Not interested? Then stay tuned for upcoming content!


Amongst discussions of the beauty world there could possibly be random pictures of my cat slipping its way into my posts...