18 October 2014

I'm shit

It's been officially over 8 months since my last post.. I don't really have a good reason other then Uni, friends and.. work? I know I only have 3 other posts on this blog and that anyone who has read my posts are probably gone, I think i just kind of gave up on being committed to blogging, but now with my first year of uni pretty much over I'm definitely wanting to try and turn this into something great! Sooooo what has happened in the past 8 months?

I've pretty much almost finished my first year of uni, handed in my last assignment yesterday (thank god) and just have exams to go - to which i am very very unprepared

Anyone else out there just finishing their first year of uni? What are your thoughts coming to the end of your first (anyone else call it jaffy?) year? Has it been the best time of your life? For me.. I don't know, while I've enjoyed the freedom and everything, I kind of miss just the ease of being at a place where you know everyone and there's no need to text everyone on your phone list during breaks 'R U FREE?!?' but hey that could just be me

and my make up life? I've accumulated MUCH (probably unneeded) more make up over the last 8 months, with plenty to blog about!

Also I just want to say.. how on point is this?!